Louise Morrissey, a recent addition to the SMART team, is bilingual and bicultural, born in Spain to English parents and has lived and studied in London, Madrid and Hamburg.

A graduate in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, she is fascinated by human behaviour and welcomes the opportunity this industry affords her to work in an area she enjoys. Louise has a particular interest in working with children and is intrigued by the role of child-play in child development and in applying techniques such as toys and drawings to research with kids (and adults!).

Louise enjoys ‘the best of both worlds' — revelling in the British sense of humour, a big fan of TV comedy series, such as The Office, she also gets to form part of the Spanish way of life (ie Tapas, late nights, streetlife…) Not bad! The only problem is that the more macho ‘Luis' (a bloke's name) is the closest to her name in Spanish, which provokes no-end of misunderstandings over the phone!