A graduate in European Studies from Sussex University, itchy feet and a keen interest in other cultures, peoples and languages, led her to travel and work around Europe for several years, living in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. Her career in international qualitative market research began in 1984 at PROMARK Pharmaceutical Research where she concentrated on Western European and North American markets. Then under the inspirational reign of Wendy Gordon and Roy Langmaid at TRBI, she began to specialise in consumer research, conducting research throughout most of Europe and Latin America, before a short stint at BMRB.

Her love for Spain and search for quality of life, led her to choose Madrid as her permanent home when in 1990 she accepted the post of Director of International Studies at INNER Research.

Her desire to perfect the research process and passion for understanding the whys and wherefores of people’s desires and motivations led her to start her own company, Spanish Market Research Trends now SMART Research S.L. The company reflects her lively, dynamic, creative personality and approach to life where all studies are treated with TLC from the beginning to the end of the research process.